Increasing engagement in your brand is easier and more affordable (by more affordable, I mean free) than ever thanks to the many social media platforms available. And increasing engagement is a great way to help your company grow. So how can you utilize the tools on hand to your advantage? Check out our bright ideas:

    • Get your business on Facebook. It’s free to join and the site has grown tremendously in recent years. It takes just minutes to build a page for your business.
    • Already on Facebook? Offer a gift card or even a trial service to a “fan” each month. This will help your fan base bud and keep people interested and coming back for more. After all, everyone loves free stuff. Consumers will be happy, and your business will flourish.

  • Ask questions. Make comments. Post a poll on a site like Twitter or Facebook. Your ideas do not have to be relevant to your business/product, and you will find that the extra attention serves you well. The entire purpose of social media is to promote dialogue and connect with people. You could say something along the lines of, “Feel like grabbing my kids out of school and taking a trip to the beach today! Who’s with me?” or “The things you see in traffic…” These are notions that people everywhere can instantly relate to.
  • Host a photo competition. Request that your fans submit photos using your products/services. Pick one photo every week and post it on your Web site. This person will help you bring traffic to your site by telling their friends about the photo.

Consumers want to know that you care about them. A business that treats their consumers as human beings will blossom, as people will pick your company/product because they have a better relationship with you. Improve your relationships and increase engagement in your brand by means of social media. You can bring more traffic to your site than Glades Road sees at 5:00pm on weekdays.