Healthcare Marketing Videos by Our Former News Videographers

Our Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos™ are a new healthcare marketing tool for attracting a steady stream of new patients. Each custom video is produced by our former TV news reporters. Use your healthcare marketing videos to educate potential patients: Include testimonials, showcase your procedures, and boost your credibility. Show the videos on your website, in your waiting room, and on social media. According to Google, 64% of consumers use video to research healthcare professionalsNewscast-Quality Marketing Videos propel you ahead of other practices. Watch sample healthcare marketing videos below.

  • ‘South Florida’s Top Docs’ TV Newscast: Animated Logo

    We designed this animated logo to showcase South Florida’s Top Docs, the health-and-wellness newscast. South Florida’s Top Docs features your doctors, procedures, your patients, and their testimonials.

  • Demonstrate Your Most Popular Procedures

    In this Newscast-Quality Marketing Video™, a patient's life is saved by the outstanding work of a Boca Raton dermatologist. A state-of-the-art laser is put to the test, and a patient describes how adult acne was successfully treated by the skillful doctor.

  • Have Your Current Patients Praise You and Your Practice

    A parent expresses her appreciation to a passionate Boca Raton orthodontist, describing his commitment to her daughter’s dramatically improved teeth.

  • How Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos™ Grow Your Practice

    This video showcases how your medical or dental practice can use Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos to attract a steady stream of new patients. Your videos educate potential patients: Include testimonials, showcase your procedures, and boost your credibility.

  • How Video Testimonials
    Persuade Prospects to Buy

    A lifelong sinus sufferer explains how a world-renowned sinus surgeon in Boca Raton helped her regain her quality of life.

  • How Video Testimonials
    Set You Apart from Competitors

    This breast implant patient tells Bloom PR how her most recent doctor agreed to handle her very challenging case, while 6 other Boca Raton surgeons refused to treat her.

  • International Medical Practice:
    Animated Logo

    A United States/Chinese Company commissioned Bloom PR to produce an animated logo. They incorporated the animated logo in their new corporate video that the Bloom PR News Team produced – in English and in Chinese.

  • Our Videos Are Produced
    In Any Language,
    Including Chinese

    (Chinese video) Bloom PR hired a university professor to oversee the Chinese translation. A Chinese voiceover specialist recorded the script in China. Our editing team produced the rest of the video in the production studio.

  • Testimonials Describe Life-Changing Procedure

    A patient describes how a South Florida facial plastic surgeon saved her nose when other doctors wouldn't. Another patient tells how the surgeon helped him finally get a good night's sleep. The doctor tells how he followed in his father's footsteps.

  • Transform Your Company Logo
    Into An Animated Masterpiece

    The CMS letters in this animated video are incredibly displayed in 3-D. The animator utilized the sun reflecting off of the letters. Bloom PR's video production experts can create animated videos in only a couple of days.

  • Video Testimonials Trigger Emotions and Persuade Prospects

    Bloom PR produced a Newscast-Quality Marketing Video™ for this Boca Raton orthodontist. The video includes the doctor's unique visual procedure. It also features emotional video testimonials from parents and teenagers. The video ends with a special surprise.