Social Media Marketing by Our Former News Journalists

Social Media Marketing: Trust Who Mastered It First - Journalists

Social media provides the best value in marketing. Social media marketing is the most efficient way to broadcast your company’s news, promotions, and customer testimonials. You can use customer data to target specific age groups, ZIP codes, income levels, purchase behaviors, and more. Our former news journalists were among the very first to use social media--the news industry embraced it before almost all others. Best of all:

  • You’re Reaching an Engaged Audience. Users spend over 2 hours per day on Facebook and other social networks, accounting for over 28% of total time spent online (Source: eMarketer)
  • You Can Measure Return On Investment. We can measure how many qualified leads saw your ad, how many clicked on it, and how many of those clicks resulted in phone calls or completed contact forms

On Social Media, Videos Are King

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have stepped-up efforts to promote marketing videos.

  • Videos Work Well on All Social Media Platforms. Show your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos™ on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages
  • Precise Targeting, Efficient Ad Spend. We discover when most of your followers are online, then show your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos™ only at those peak times

Our former journalists are well-versed in writing for social media. Call our social media marketing team now at (954) 334-5822 or send us a message.