Build and Repair Your Online Reputation

Boost Your Online Reputation and Business Credibility

Negative information about you and your business destroys your ability to make money, to persuade clients and hold on to your excellent reputation. Our former news journalists are experts at managing the online reputation of business owners, key staff, and the business itself. The first impression a prospect is given of you and your business is often in a search result, so our team provides an online reputation audit, revealing how you and your business are shown to the world in Google and other search engines. Perception is reality and once the bad stuff is online, it stays online permanently—unless you take action.

Online Search Results: 'Push Down' What's Hurting You

You’re a business owner who made a mistake: You were jailed for DUI. You Google your name and it’s all bad news: Your mugshot, arrest record, news stories and other embarrassing information is all over the first page. Our reputation marketing experts utilize proven strategies that push damaging and false information off search engines.

Removing Damaging Online Search Results

Profane language shows up in search results. Have you used profanity in passionate social media posts? Have angry customers left damaging (perhaps untrue) information in an online review of your business? What about the drunken photos of that employee on social media? Left unresolved, each can wreck your online reputation and cost you thousands, if not millions, in lost revenue. Our reputation marketing experts have the strategies to clean up the mess now, so you lose sleep for days, not years.

SmartLink Online Reviews™

Your industry has dozens of review sites—it’s time-consuming to monitor them all. Our reputation experts developed a proprietary system to add positive reviews and deal with inflammatory comments. Best of all: In search results, businesses with numerous high-scoring reviews outrank their competition. When disgruntled customers leave bad reviews of your business, it can and will ruin your ability to generate sales and influence people. Don’t wait for negative reviews to pop up, and don’t expect positive reviews will just appear. You need a plan.

What Reputation Marketing Strategy is Right for Your Business?

  • SmartLink Online Reviews™ -- Get positive buzz about your business on Google, Yelp and your industry's most trusted review sites.
  • Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos™ -- Our former TV journalists produce videos that enhance a business’s reputation. Business owners and their customers are showcased in these videos.
  • Positive, informative website content -- Journalists are regarded as the most effective writers. Our team of former news journalists write image-boosting news releases, powerful blog posts and other content that paints you and your business in a positive light. We then publish it to relevant sites in your industry.

Our reputation marketing specialists can analyze how you, your business and staff appear in search results. We’ll put our strategies to work, creating a plan that's customized for your business. Call our online reputation experts now at (954) 334-5822 or send us a message.