SEO Services: Be Found Online

In Search Results, Ensure Your Business is Shown Above Your Competitors

Don't keep your great work a secret: Your unique services, glowing video testimonials, and persuasive business videos need to be seen by prospective buyers. Online marketing, when blended with the strong, persuasive writing of our former news journalists, helps you reach people where they spend their time. Best of all, targeting features let you reach exactly who you want. Call our online marketing experts now at (954) 334-5822 or send us a message.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Be found above your competitors in online searches. Our SEO team works one-on-one with you to identify the phrases your prospective customers are searching. By becoming experts in your industry’s terminology, we will get your website to rank high for the search phrases your competitors haven’t thought of. Best of all, because we’re journalists, you won’t get the “snake oil” SEO approach: website copy that reads like a robot wrote it. Video is proven to double the time users spend on a website. 

Search Engine Ads

Be seen at the top of Google searches. No matter how many of your competitors show above you in a search, pay-per-click (PPC) ads can elevate you above them all. You can limit who sees these PPC ads: perhaps you want to reach people who live within 5 miles of your business or in certain ZIP codes where your current customers live. You will reach likely customers--you pay for your ad only when those likely customers click.

Other SEO Services

Give your company's online promotional materials more exposure: Your blogs, news releases, and website copy should all be written with search engines in mind. Our experts are trained in SEO and, because we're journalists, you receive blog posts and news releases that not only convincingly sell your company's brand, but rank high in online search results.