Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Reach Exactly Who You Want

Search Engine Advertising (PPC Ads)

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads allow you to market to a very specific audience. Your PPC ads can appear in search engine results, on websites, and in apps. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Place your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos™ (video testimonials from customers, "Meet the Business Owner" videos, recruiting videos, Q & A videos, etc.) at the top of Google searches. Many of your competitors are using these ads to show up above you in search results. Here's why:

  • Campaigns help your business be found for what potential customers are searching - As a nose surgeon, when a sinus sufferer searches "sinus doctor," you want your website to appear at the top of search results. Unfortunately, 4 other area nose surgeons show up above you. A PPC ad ignores that: It can put your website above them when potential patients search "sinus doctor".
  • Our experts can show your ads to a highly specific group of people - You can limit who sees your search engine ads. For example, set your ads to be shown only to people who live within driving distance of your business, or only to people who live in towns where your current customers live.
  • Cost is controlled because you pay only when potential customers visit your site - Unlike TV and print advertising, you do not pay when people see your website--you pay when they visit it. Best of all: Because you can target specific groups, you pay only for relevant site visitors.

Types of PPC ads include:

Display Advertising

Communicate your special offer loud and clear: with images and videos. Our former news photographers and videographers worked with images and videos for many years, so trust us to produce attractive, high-quality display ads. You can target potential customers by interest, topic, keywords they might search, and across a category of websites (e.g., websites centered on plastic surgery).


With remarketing, your ads reach a group of people who is very likely to buy: people who have already interacted with you or your products/services. For example, you can promote a special offer to past customers or members of your loyalty program. You can promote an offer to anyone who has opened your newsletters or logged in to your WiFi.

Video Marketing

Leverage your videos, produced by our former news videographers: 

  • Video Testimonials - Imagine a former news videographer, you, and your best customers met at your office. You asked them to say a few words on camera about how great their experience was with you and your staff. Then, you promoted their praise in a video ad that was shown only to potential customers who are similar to your current customers. That's the power of pairing your video testimonials with video marketing. 
  • Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos - Once our former news journalists produce your company video, you need to do more than post it on your website. For example, a video marketing campaign can show your plastic surgery practice's video on medical blogs, reaching potential patients.