Online Marketing Services by Our Former News Journalists

Reach Your Potential Customers Where They Spend Their Time: Online

Social Media Management

Social media is the most efficient way to broadcast your company’s news, promotions, and customers’ testimonials. Customers love when you share added-value information, such as "how-tos." As journalists, we were among the first to master social media and we are experienced writers. We craft attention-grabbing posts that reach your target audience then drive them to your website. Our social media team can develop a long-term strategy that generates more sales, more website traffic, and more credibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Be found above your competitors in online searches. Our SEO team works one-on-one with you to identify the phrases your prospective customers are searching. We start by becoming experts in your industry’s terminology, then get your website to rank high for the search phrases your competitors haven’t thought of. Best of all, because we are former journalists, you won’t get a “snake oil” SEO approach: website copy that reads like a robot wrote it.

Email Marketing Campaigns

A sale isn’t one-and-done: Get more return customers by keeping them up-to-date on your new products and services. As expert writers, our online marketing team uses strategies that entice your subscribers to open your email. According to Hubspot, using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%. Take full advantage of that fact by using Newscast-Quality Marketing VideosTM to broadcast your company’s news and customers’ testimonials.

Digital Brochures

Save money and attract more sales: Transform your print brochures into visually stunning digital brochures. Educate potential customers by including links to your marketing videos, customers’ testimonials, and more. Embed your digital brochures on your website and distribute to your potential customers via email. As former journalists, we’re detail-obsessed: Trust us to write persuasive copy and design digital brochures that inform, positively affecting your bottom line.

Website Enhancements

Your website is the most important online marketing tool. A bulletproof online marketing strategy means having a website that is user-friendly on all screen sizes and platforms (called “responsive website design”). Our design experts will recommend and implement layout changes for your website, including restructuring site navigation and adding plug-ins that speed up your website. Not only does that keep people on your website longer, it helps your website rank higher in search results.

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