PR, Marketing, and Video Services


Video Services:

Newscast-Quality Marketing VideosTM

Attract a steady stream of new business. These custom videos are produced by our veteran TV news reporters. Each has the look and appeal of a typical news story. Use your video to educate potential customers. Include testimonials, showcase your services, and boost your credibility. Elevate your business by promoting the video on your website, at your business location, on social media, and in TV commercials. Watch our clients' videos here.

Video Testimonials

Give your business more credibility. Our business video testimonials feature your top customers. Nothing is more powerful than your top customer describing their great experience with you and your staff. As former journalists, we know the questions to ask to draw out emotional responses. Watch our clients' video testimonials here.

Commercial Production

Only journalists have the daily experience of creating stories people remember. Whether for TV, radio, or online, our former journalists produce commercials that tell your company’s story in a powerful way, igniting sales and attracting customers. Watch our clients' commercials here.

Aerial Drone Videos

Give potential customers the “how-did-they-do-that” shots only a drone can get. An overhead view of your business location is just one way to create memorable visuals that promote your business. Our high-resolution aerial videos are produced using professional-grade drones and cameras.

Company Logo Animation

Win over potential customers with a professional introduction to your business. Our talented animators design a beautiful 3-D logo that captures the soul of your business. Insert at the beginning and end of your videos, commercials, and customer testimonials. Let our talented animators bring your vision to life. Watch our clients' animated logos here.

YouTube and Vimeo Management

Fact: 64% of consumers are more likely to buy your product or service after watching a video about it (Source: CodeFuel). Our experts will create your YouTube and Vimeo channels with a video for every service you offer: how-to videos, customer testimonials, and more. We’ll customize each video with the search terms for which you want those videos to be found.

Online Reputation Services:

SmartLink Online Reviews™

Have you checked your online reviews recently? Left ignored, negative reviews cost your business money and damage its reputation. Our veteran reputation specialists hunt down damaging negative reviews. Then, our team puts our customized solution to work, soliciting authentic positive reviews from your best customers. The end result: Harmful reviews are pushed down the page and glowing reviews are at the top. Learn how online reviews can either grow or damage your business: See this infographic (to zoom in, click on image).

Online Reputation Management

Negative information about you and your business destroys your ability to make money, to persuade clients and hold on to your excellent reputation. Once the bad stuff is online, it stays online permanently—unless you take action. Our former journalists are experts at managing the online reputation of business owners, key staff, and the business itself. Our team provides an online reputation audit, revealing how you and your business are shown to the world in Google and other search engines.

Online Marketing Services:

Social Media Management

Reach potential customers where they spend time: online. Social media is the most efficient way to broadcast your company’s news, promotions, and customers’ testimonials. Users love when you share added-value information, such as "how-tos." As journalists, we were among the first to master social media and we are experienced writers. We craft attention-grabbing posts that reach your target audience then drive them to your website. Our social media team will develop a long-term strategy that generates more site traffic, more sales, and more credibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Be found above your competitors in online searches. Our SEO team works one-on-one with you to identify the phrases your prospective customers are searching. By becoming experts in your industry’s terminology, we will get your website to rank high for the search phrases your competitors haven’t thought of. Best of all, because we’re former journalists, you won’t get the “snake oil” SEO approach: website copy that reads like a robot wrote it.

Email Marketing Campaigns

A sale isn’t one-and-done: Get more return customers by keeping them up-to-date on your new products and services. As expert writers, our online marketing team uses strategies that entice your subscribers to open your email. According to Hubspot, using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%. Take full advantage of that fact by using Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos to broadcast your company’s news and customers’ testimonials.

Digital Brochures

Save money and attract more sales: Transform your print brochures into visually stunning digital brochures. Educate potential customers by including links to your marketing videos, customers’ testimonials, and more. Embed your digital brochures on your website and distribute to your potential customers via email. As former journalists, we’re detail-obsessed: Trust us to write persuasive copy and design digital brochures that inform, positively affecting your bottom line.

Website Enhancements

A good online reputation means having a website that is user-friendly on all screen sizes and platforms (called “responsive website design”). Our design experts will recommend and implement layout changes for your website, including restructuring site navigation and adding plug-ins that speed up your website. Not only does that keep people on your website longer, it helps your website rank higher in search results.

Advertising Services:

Social Media Ads

Generate new business by promoting your products and services on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Use customer data to show your marketing videos to the right age groups, ZIP codes, income levels, and more. Our team places your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos™ in front of likely customers.

Search Engine Ads

Be seen at the top of Google searches. No matter how many of your competitors show above you in a search, pay-per-click (PPC) ads can elevate you above them all. You can limit who sees these PPC ads: perhaps you want to reach people who live within 5 miles of your business or in certain ZIP codes where your current customers live. You will reach likely customers, only paying for your ad when those likely customers click.

Online Video Ads

Nothing persuades potential buyers like video. Promote your best customer testimonials, videos detailing your services, and more. Place them on popular websites such as CNN, Forbes, and more. We partner with hundreds of leading content providers, enabling you to target likely customers.

TV and Radio Ads

Bloom PR’s news team produces newscast-quality promotional pieces that drive sales. We partner with local TV stations, radio stations, and even movie theaters. We work directly with the sales team to ensure your piece is shown only in areas where you have likely customers. After hours, you can even play your video on a street-facing TV for additional promotion.

Writing Services:

News Releases

Generate greater awareness of your products and services, announce company milestones, and publicize events. Veteran former journalists such as ours are the best at pitching the news media: We know the information they want and how they want to present it. For your online news releases, our team uses relevant keywords and other strategies to ensure your company news releases rank high in search engines. 

Blog Writing & Marketing

Our former journalists made their careers writing for local and national publications—trust them to write about you and your business. Blogging is a unique opportunity to tell potential customers, in detail, why your products and services outperform those of your competition. Publish on social media, send to your customer email list, and include in newsletters. In each post, our writers will include relevant search phrases, increasing the likelihood your post will rank high in online searches.

Website Wordsmithing

Former journalists such as ours are expert writers. We’ll transform your website into a persuasive promotional powerhouse. You’ll gain more credibility, receive more calls and visitors, fill up your appointment book, and generate more sales. 

Other Writing Services

We craft text for company brochures, newsletters, advertising content (such as commercials), blog posts, and more.

External Relations:

Public Relations

As an agency of seasoned former TV and print journalists, Bloom PR is exceptional at shining the spotlight on businesses. Our former journalists are experienced public relations executives, focusing on image, consulting, promotion, and generating awareness. 

News Media Relations

Every member of our team is a veteran TV news reporter or print journalist, with years of agency experience. That’s why media outlets contact Bloom PR—they know we understand the newsgathering process. Our success is centered on our close relationships with other journalists. We have valuable media contacts. Our clients appear in The Miami Herald, SunSentinel, the Daily Business Review, WPLG (ABC, Channel 10), Channel 23 (Univision, Channel 23), CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and other high-profile media.

Crisis Management

Many businesses have sudden emergencies. If mishandled, your reputation can be damaged beyond repair, your business can lose credibility in the eyes of the community and your industry, or it could be forced to shut down. Bloom PR is your insurance policy of sorts. While our agency puts the spotlight on your business, we are also experts at keeping it off businesses.

Community Relations

Your customers (and prospective customers) want to see your human side. Bloom PR promotes your community involvement, whether it’s your coaching little league baseball or spearheading a cancer charity. Big or small, we’ll strategically weave your community work into company newsletters, your website, and social media posts.

Awards & Milestones

In every industry, organizations are recognized for their achievements. You and your business deserve to be recognized. Your awards and company milestones are not only worth celebrating: They should be shared with your community (potential customers). Our PR team is exceptional at promoting your achievements. 

Speaking Engagements & Trade Shows

Nothing builds instant credibility for you and your business like showing off photos and videos of you at a speaking engagement, trade show, or conference. Our former journalists craft news releases in advance of your event and again afterwards. Speaking engagements can be promoted on your website, social media, and your email list. They can also be announced to local news media and trade publications.