Commercial Production by Our Former Video Journalists

News Reporters Are the Best Video Storytellers

As former TV journalists, we used video to tell stories daily for many years. This gives our creative team a unique advantage. We produce create visually memorable, educational commercials, telling your company’s stories in a way that draws a steady stream of customers to your business. These persuasive commercials are shown on TV, on your website, at your business location, on social media, and in newsletters and email signatures. Below are three commercials we produced for a medical client:

  • Testimonials Describe Life-Changing Procedure

    A patient describes how a South Florida facial plastic surgeon saved her nose when other doctors wouldn't. Another patient tells how the surgeon helped him finally get a good night's sleep. The doctor tells how he followed in his father's footsteps.

  • Animation Highlights TV Commercial

    Our journalists expertly wordsmithed this commercial, which has been airing on Comcast Cable since February 2015. We generated additional exposure and prospects with a Facebook ad shown only to the target audience.

  • TV Commercial Shows Off Credentials

    This commercial incorporates professional medical animation, which adds credibility to the doctor’s medical practice.