Real Estate Marketing, Videos & More by Our Former News Reporters

Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos for Real Estate Brokers & Agents

These are videos with the look and feel of an evening news story. Each has a script written by our team of former TV news journalists, is taped by experienced videographers, and is voiced by former TV news reporters. Your marketing video can include your services, buyer/seller testimonials, individual listings, successes, recognition, and more.

Your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos can be emailed to prospective buyers and sellers, shown at open houses, played on a loop in your office, shown at real estate conferences and trade shows, and embedded in email newsletters. Your office has full access to the videos and you own all video footage. 

See below for more ways we help our real estate clients grow. For our full suite of real estate marketing services, including video testimonials from your buyers and sellers, see the toolkits at the bottom. Call our real estate marketing experts at (954) 334-5822 or send us a message.

Real Estate Marketing Services

Real Estate Marketing Toolkits


    This is designed to:

    • increase your office’s online visibility in search results, and on YouTube, social media, and review sites,
    • boost your brand’s credibility among buyers, sellers, prospective agents, peers, and the news media,
    • serve as an educational source to agents considering joining your office,
    • provide information for prospective franchisees and the news media, and
    • expand your office into a national or international brand name.

    The corporate marketing toolkit includes:

    • Meet the President Video – This is much more than a “video résumé” for your owner. This video will be specifically designed to:
      • position your owner as a trusted business partner to prospective franchisees, detailing business successes, management expertise, and friendly demeanor,
      • serve as a PR piece to the news media, painting you and your company in a positive light to reporters and organizations so that they can write glowingly about you, and
      • humanize your owner to prospective agents and others, by detailing philanthropy, community involvement, family life, and personality.
    • Corporate Leadership Profile Videos – These videos are a powerful promotional tool for your corporate office’s leadership team. The videos will go a long way toward earning the trust of prospective franchisees and credibility from the media. Specifically, each 2-minute video will help:
      • humanize administration to prospective franchisees by showcasing leadership’s unique personality, background, certifications/designations, experience, and more,
      • gain the trust of prospective ­­employees (e.g., by posting on your personnel page or including in job ads), and
      • strengthen the corporate office’s relationship with its other offices (e.g., ideal for sending as a welcome email to new employees so they “meet” top leadership).
    • Media Relations – As former TV and print news journalists, we have valuable media contacts. Your owner and brokers can be go-to sources for the news media, increasing visibility and credibility. We can publicize your news stories, such as hiring new agents, opening a new office, selling a unique home, housing market updates, and more.
    • Corporate Video Testimonials – These are another powerful promotional tool. Satisfied brokers, agents, and franchisees are a powerful glimpse into your real estate office’s business philosophy. Each video testimonial will build your owner’s credibility in the eyes of prospective brokers, agents, and franchisees. 
    • Corporate Q&A Videos – Q&A videos can target prospective franchisees, the media, and other business development stakeholders. Each video is designed to address common questions about your real estate office, overcome possible objections, answer typical franchisee questions, and detail the benefits of partnering with you.
    • Animated 3-D logo – Bloom PR’s animation team can create a powerful introduction to the your real estate office’s brand. Each eye-catching animated 3-D logo is built frame-by-frame and has a 3-dimensional look. The animated 3-D logo creates memorable branding: It will play as the homepage loads, and at the beginning and end of all your videos.

    This is designed to:

    • boost a broker’s visibility in search results, and on YouTube, social media, and review sites,
    • attract successful prospective agents with recruiting videos and video testimonials, and
    • help to build and maintain relationships with agents, buyers, and sellers.

    The broker marketing toolkit includes:

    • Newscast-Quality Recruiting VideoTM – This video will attract high-quality prospective agents and persuade them to contact your brokerage about career opportunities. The videos will showcase the real estate office and be tailored to that office’s unique real estate environment. Each video will:
      • educate prospective agents about the outstanding benefits of being one of your agents (e.g., agent guarantee, commission schedule, technology, training, culture), and
      • convince these prospective agents that your brokerage: 1) is the right next move in their real estate career, and 2) is a place where they will want to stay.
    • Leadership Profile Videos – These videos will be a powerful promotional tool for the leadership in each office. They will go a long way toward earning the trust of buyers/sellers and credibility from agents in the office. Specifically, each office leader’s video will help:
      • humanize office leaders to prospective buyers/sellers by showcasing their unique personality, background, certifications/designations, experience, activity in the community, and more,
      • strengthen the office’s relationship with its buyers/sellers early on (e.g., by including the video in a welcome email)
      • gain the trust of prospective buyers/sellers (e.g., by sending to an email list of prospects, posting on social media pages, or using in Facebook ads)
    • Broker Video Testimonials – These videos are a great way for each broker to increase their credibility. A satisfied buyer or seller is a powerful glimpse into a brokerage’s business philosophy. Each video testimonial will build the broker’s credibility in the eyes of prospective agents, buyers, and sellers: It will show both the positive experience buyers/sellers had with the broker and how respected the broker is by agents.
    • Broker Q&A Videos – Q&A videos will be targeted toward prospective agents, buyers, and sellers. Each video will be designed to address common questions, overcome possible objections, answer typical buyer/seller questions, and detail the buying/selling process.

    This is designed to:

    • increase an agent’s credibility among prospective buyers and sellers, boost their online visibility,
    • generate new leads from buyers and sellers, and
    • provide a set of professional, persuasive videos that leads to more homes sold.

    The agent marketing toolkit includes:

    • Agent Video Testimonials – Each video testimonial builds an agent’s credibility in the eyes of prospective buyers and sellers: It will show the positive experience buyers/sellers had with the agent.
    • Listing Videos – According to Inman, 70% of those looking for a new home watch video home tours online. Our former news video journalists can get exactly the look and feel you’re going for in each listing. Specifically, each listing video:
      • creates a 24/7 open house for your agents, and
      • helps buyers experience the true size, layout, and flow of the home in a way images cannot.
    • Listing Presentation Videos – Shown from the seller’s perspective, each video is designed to clearly explain what separates that office from its competitors. It will include seller testimonials, key features of the office, and more. Your owner can be featured in each video, ensuring corporate branding and messaging is consistently communicated.
    • Buyer Presentation Videos – These videos are similar to listing presentation videos, except that they are shown from the buyer’s perspective.
    • Social Media Advertising – With Facebook and Instagram ads, you can target prospective buyers and sellers by age, purchase behavior, ZIP code, income, and more. These ads:
      • are perfect for leveraging buyer and seller testimonials and for promoting listings that are suited to niche buyers, and
      • could target (for example) “male and female homeowners age 35-54 who make $150K-$250K a year, live within 15 miles of your office, have “liked” competing real estate office’s pages and are likely to sell their home within 6 months.” We could also upload an email list of past prospects and target them.