Marketing and Public Relations for Other Industries

How Other Industries Benefit from Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos

These are videos with the look and feel of an evening news story. Each has a script written by our team of former TV news journalists, is taped by experienced videographers, and is voiced by former TV news reporters. Your marketing video can include your business's interior, your successes, recognition, customer praise, and more.

Your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos can be placed on flash drives and given to your assistant to show prospective customers, emailed to them, shown at meetings, played on an endless loop on your lobby TV, displayed at business conferences and trade shows, and embedded in email newsletters. Your office has full access to the videos and you own all video footage.

Ask about our other business marketing services, which include:

  • Video Testimonials from Your Customers
  • Employee Profile Videos
  • Pitching You to the News Media
  • Animated 3-D Logos

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