Bloom PR is a national agency of former TV and print journalists founded 16 years ago. We worked as news reporters and video producers at NBC News, FOX, USA Today, and others. Our full-service public relations and marketing firm serves clients nationwide. Bloom PR's services include media exposure, video profiles, online reputation management, online marketing, and advertising. Let's discuss your needs: Call us now at 1-855-256-6677 or (954) 334-5822. You can also send us a message.


  1. News Releases &
    Media Outreach
    • Our former TV and print news reporters know who to contact in newsrooms and how to handpick the best people for a reporter’s story.
    • Newsrooms take our calls because they know that, as former journalists, we understand their needs, the pressure of deadlines and all aspects of delivering the news.
    • We aggressively pitch reporters daily, including nights and weekends. This generates a steady diet of news coverage for our clients.
    • Bloom PR will spread your news everywhere: TV, radio, print, blogs, social media and more.
  1. Marketing
    • Video production is one of our specialties: Our former TV news producers and videographers produced TV newscasts in major cities. 
    • Our former news videographers know the news gathering process: We tell your story, interviewing you and your customers and filming the right shots, just as we did as journalists.
    • Our equipment is broadcast quality: We use high-tech cameras, scene lighting, and professional editing programs.
  1. Social Media
    • Our agency of former TV and print news journalists includes experts with a long record of success in social media. They were social media directors in newsrooms and managed campaigns for big companies (luxury real estate developers, national restaurant chains, ad agencies) and small businesses (medical practices, law firms, local restaurants).
    • Video is a dominant form of content on social media. As former journalists, we know video production. This uniquely equips us to produce and promote your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos and video testimonials on today’s video-centric social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube. 
    • We reply to your customers’ social media messages in minutes, not hours or days. Customer service has quickly shifted from phone to social media: Our social media specialists are ready to work with you.
  1. Online Reputation
    • As journalists, we wrote hundreds of emotional, persuasive stories about companies like yours. We leverage that experience to repair and enhance your company’s online reputation marketing: Our image-boosting news releases, blog posts and other strategies paint you and your company in a positive light and push the bad reviews lower in search engine results.
    • Our unique SmartLink Online Reviews™ program utilizes proven methods to obtain outstanding reviews from your customers. We guarantee results: Our review completion rate is double the industry standard.
    • We identify the right industry sites where your review scores are suffering, then target them strategically. Your score increases, and you then appear higher in searches on the review site.
    • Some agencies employ dubious strategies that raise red flags to a review site’s automated software. Our methods ensure you will not be blacklisted by the review sites.
  1. Search Engine
    Optimization (SEO)
    • Services include working one-on-one with you to determine the search terms for which you want to be found in search engines.
    • Our agency has SEO-trained former journalists who are familiar with a variety of industries, so we understand what’s important to your industry.
    • Search results are our forte: Our experts dive deep into your website’s analytics, pinpointing where users are deciding to leave your site, what pages are most popular and what words they search to get there. We then customize our SEO strategies accordingly.




Video Builds Relationships:
Our Former Journalists Will Tell Your Story to Boost Sales

Video Testimonials Sell:
Our Team Captures Memorable Moments




Marketing Videos Are Produced
for Any Industry and in Any Language

Eye-Catching Animated Logos and On-Screen Graphics
Set You Apart from Your Competitors


Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos™ are a persuasive marketing tool that increases sales, persuades potential customers, and boosts a customer's confidence in you. Each video features you, your employees, your company’s story and your customers’ testimonials. Four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about your product than read about it (source: Animoto). Our clients nationwide have seen success using the strategies below to promote their marketing videos:

  1. Current Clients and Prospects

    Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos’ quality, eye-catching graphics and music can win over your current and prospective clients, increasing sales. Here are ways to get your marketing videos in front of your clients: 

    • Current clients – A patient at a medical practice visits for her check-up appointment, but is considering a facelift procedure. Your Newscast-Quality Marketing Video is playing on an endless loop on the waiting room TV (with video captions). Your video details the procedure and includes praise-filled video testimonials from patients. Convinced, the patient gains enough confidence to have the facelift performed and books the appointment.
    • Prospective clients – A family emails your real estate office, asking for more information on a tough-to-sell listing. One of your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos was created for the listing, and is far more convincing than the simple Zillow listing. The family is wowed by the video and schedules a tour.

    Businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster year-over-year than organizations without video. (Source: Aberdeen Research)

    Get your free video-needs evaluation: Call us now at (954) 334-5822 or send us a message.

  2. Company Website

    With Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos™ your website becomes your 24/7 sales rockstar. Bloom PR’s digital marketing team can set up your YouTube business channel, upload your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos then place them on your company’s website.

    Marketing Videos on Your Website: Why They Are A Must

    • Nearly 75% of consumers believe a video describing a service is important (Source: Animoto)
    • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it (Source: CodeFuel)
    • The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video (Source: CodeFuel)
    • Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users. (Source: Aberdeen Research) Our SEO-trained journalists strategically use keywords in each video’s description, maximizing your videos’ exposure in Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  3. On the Road

    Generate new business by taking your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos with you. Video capability on mobile devices has evolved over the past year: Tablets and smartphones now play high-quality videos smoothly and without interruption. The following examples illustrate how to leverage your videos when away from the office:

    • Industry conferences – A dermatologist is giving a presentation at the annual South Beach Symposium. She uses her Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos to detail specific benefits of her new skin treatment.
    • Business networking events – A restaurant owner in attends an evening networking event. Using his iPad, he shows his Newscast-Quality Marketing Video to get mouths watering over his restaurant’s new menu items. He hands each attendee coupons for those menu items (and gains likely customers).
    • Advertising at trade shows – A real estate broker rents a table at the Florida Realtors Convention & Trade Expo. On a tablet, he plays his Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos for attendees, securing new leads.
    • Unexpected introductionsUse your marketing video to wow that executive with the best elevator pitch ever.
  4. The News Media

    Our former journalists can generate news coverage for your business by pitching your newsworthy videos to broadcast, print, and online news outlets. Because we spent years working in the news media, we have valuable media contacts. Newsrooms take our calls because they know we understand their needs.

    Here are a few ways we can pitch your marketing videos to the news media:

    • Promote your industry knowledge – As former journalists, we pitched a real estate expert to the news media for a story on trends in interest rates. We sent clips from his Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos to the local TV station for its “Your Money” segment. The clips were used in the newscast, serving as free advertising to thousands of potential customers.
    • Publicize your business as a personal story – Newscast producers love heartfelt stories about local businesses. Perhaps you are handing down the family business to your son or daughter, 30 years after your grandfather handed it to you. A Newscast-Quality Marketing Video about your family’s journey is a touching story the news media will love. It also creates a video legacy for you that will live on for decades.
  5. Social Media and Search Engines

    Social Media Posts

    Post your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos™ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Our social media specialists can use tools to analyze when your social media audience is online, then show your videos at those peak times. As former journalists, we were among the first industries to master social media and we are experienced writers: We craft attention-grabbing posts that reach your target audience. In addition, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube use algorithms that give videos more exposure than other types of posts. 

    Social Media Advertising

    Generate new business by promoting your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos™ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in paid ads. Use customer data to show your marketing videos to the right age groups, ZIP codes, income levels and more. Our team places your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos™ in front of likely customers.

    Below are a few ways social media advertising can increase exposure to your marketing video:

    • Marketing on social media promotes your new business or service – At your new restaurant, you want to show off your food-truck-inspired menu items, so you plan a “tasting night.” Using your Newscast-Quality Marketing Video in a Facebook ad, you target the “foodie crowd:” men + women 21-35, who live within 5 miles of the restaurant, and “like” Facebook pages of Fort Lauderdale food trucks. At the tasting night, foodies flock to your restaurant and you gain loyal customers.
    • Campaigns can target your competitors – You are an experienced plastic surgeon and want to grow your business. One of your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos shows off your new rhinoplasty procedure. Young adults are a big audience for nose surgeries, so you target them on Instagram: women 18-34, who live in a 20-mile radius of your practice, who “like” Instagram pages of celebrities, Cosmopolitan magazine, etc. Your patient consult appointment book fills up, and you gain new patients.

    Search Engine Advertising (PPC Ads)

    Place your Newscast-Quality Marketing Videos™ (video testimonials from customers, “Meet the Business Owner” videos, recruiting videos, Q & A videos, etc.) at the top of Google searches with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Many of your competitors are using these ads to show up above you in search results. Put your video on the webpage listed in your PPC ad, and you will get results:

    • Campaigns help your business be found for what potential customers are searching – As a nose surgeon, when a sinus sufferer searches “sinus doctor,” you want your website to appear at the top of search results. Unfortunately, 4 other area nose surgeons show up above you. A PPC ad ignores that: It can put your website above them when potential patients search “sinus doctor”.
    • Our experts can show your ads to a highly specific group of people – You can limit who sees your search engine ads. For example, set your ads to be shown only to people who live within driving distance of your business, or only to people who live in towns where your current customers live.
    • Cost is controlled because you pay only when potential customers visit your site – Unlike TV and print advertising, you do not pay when people see your website–you pay when they visit it. Best of all: Because you can target specific groups, you pay only for relevant site visitors.

    Send your marketing videos to your email contacts. You can also include them in company newsletters. Consider these proven email marketing techniques for your videos:

    • Invite your patients to see your medical practice’s new laser treatment
    • Educate homebuyers on what makes your real estate agency unique
    • Contact past customers to introduce them to your new menu items, tempting them to revisit your restaurant

    Videos are highly effective in email marketing to your potential customers: Using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts email open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65% (Source: Hubspot).

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